Jessica Bellofatto, KamaDeva Yoga Founder


By Sharon Feiereisen


We caught up with Hampton yogini Jessica Bellofatto, the founder and director of KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton, to find out about the ins and outs of Stand-Up Paddleboarding, her favorite healthy snacks, and more.


Can you tell us about your favorite summer getaway?  

Summer is a really busy work season for me so I don't actually 'get away' that much, but for me, all I need is my paddleboard or surfboard and I 'get away' on the water.  Away from people, traffic, cell phone, computer, I find total joy being on the water.  

Best trip you ever had for your health and fitness and what did you do?

The best trip I have ever had for health and fitness was when my boyfriend and I co-hosted a yoga, surf, SUP and nutrition retreat in Costa Rica.  He is a chef who uses only organic food.  His mantra is 'local food with global flavors.'  In addition to daily yoga, surf, and paddleboard sessions, we sourced the most amazing veggies, fruits, and fresh caught fish from farmers markets and ate the most incredible food I have ever tasted.  It is so awesome when one is eating to support an active lifestyle and when that food is not only delicious but completely healthy and nourishing to the body and spirit as well.

Playlist go-tos?

I should have been born in the 70's-  Neil Young, and The Grateful Dead.

Stand Up Paddle is a huge trend right now. To what do you attribute that? What kind of strength is it important to have in order to be successful?

I think that SUP is a high trend right now because it is actually very accessible and totally versatile.  You can go for a leisurely paddle with friends, and even carry your dog or child on the board and just be outside and on the water, or you can take it up a notch and go for a strong distance paddle and get an amazing workout.  

What should someone who is unfamiliar with SUP be prepared for when trying it for the first time?  

When trying SUP for the first time, I always say a sense of humor is key, and don't be afraid to get wet!  When a newbie is trying so hard to balance on the board and NOT fall in, the whole body is tense, the feet get crampy and most likely they will fall in anyway…. someone who is relaxed will have an easier time of it.

How has the fitness scene in the Hamptons changed these past few years?

There are lots of studios now like Tracy Anderson, Barry's Bootcamp, and the big spin studios that for some weird reason people will pay a LOT of money to fight for a space and sweat it out with a whole bunch of other people inside on a beautiful day.  No offense, but I don't get it.  I would much prefer to get and stay fit playing, whether it be an open water swim, a bike ride outside, a run at the beach followed by a jump in the ocean, or a SUP Yoga session….  

What’s a typical workout week like for you?  

I run outdoors several days a week-  one distance day, one track day with friends doing speed work, and a couple of other weary 4-6 milers…  I paddle at least 2-3 days a week, I surf whenever possible, and I practice Yoga daily, whether it be 20 minutes at home upon awakening, or on my Boga Yoga board.

What are your go-to workout shoes? Accessories? Gym bags?  

For running I love Newtons; for accessories my camelback hydration pack is a go-to and for paddling, also a trucker hat to keep the sun off my face and it floats if you fall in!

What kind of yoga mat do you use?  

Manduka prolite.

Favorite healthy eatery in NYC?  

I love Angelika's Kitchen and Candle Cafe

Favorite healthy spots in the Hamptons?  

Anything out of my boyfriend's garden- he basically grows all of our food….  we also have chickens, the best eggs in the Hamptons!  

Favorite healthy snack?  


Guilty pleasure?  

Dark chocolate and red wine, together!

Favorite pre and post workout snack?  

Raw cashew butter and sliced banana with raw honey on sprouted toast – It’s the best pre workout snack ever! Afterwards, I love a homemade coconut smoothie; I chop a coconut and use the water and meat, blend it up with raw cashews, raw cacao powder, banana, Udo's oil and whatever else strikes my fancy.

What a fitness myth that drives you crazy?

I think that people think that if they spend money on a trainer or a lot of money on classes they should lose weight and be 'fit.'

If we looked in your fridge, what would we always find?  

Whole coconuts, homemade raw fermented sauerkraut, raw milk (yes straight from the cow), and KALE!

If we looked in your gym bag, what would we always find?

Young Living essential oils, my IPOD, and everything under the sun for whatever comes up that day- swim gear, paddle gear, run gear, yoga gear!  

How does maintaining a healthy lifestyle effect your everyday life in a positive way?  

A healthy lifestyle makes me happy…it's as simple as that.  When I am eating well and moving my body, I feel good, and that carries over into everything else I do.





by Sharon Feiereisen

Peloton is one of the most buzzed about brands in fitness and it’s little surprise given that they’re on the forefront of a major change in the workout landscape. The brand has successfully managed to bring the in-studio boutique cycling experience to people at home by selling high-end custom bikes that come with a 22-inch touch-screen monitor that allows users to ride along with live classes at their flagship 50-bike Chelsea studio. Better yet Peloton knocks the stereotype that boutique fitness studios are starved for space. In fact, the multilevel flagship was designed to encourage people to stay and lounge with plenty of seating, food, a juice bar, and WiFi.  

Also on tap? A beautiful retail space where VPL is prominently stocked. To find out more we spoke with Marion Roaman – who opened one of the first boutique cycling studios ever, The Zone, in East Hampton in 1997 – to find out more about her favorite snacks, go-to workout songs, and more.

Peloton's new East Hampton store on Main Street


Best summer getaways?

Louse Point, Amagansett- on my paddle board, with my kids and my fiancé.  It’s heaven and it’s five minutes from our house.

Best trip you ever had for your health and fitness and what did you do? Any picture you can share?

Hiking in Tibet and Nepal; I went for spiritual reasons, but ended up discovering my body is much stronger than I realized. I was able to hike comfortably at insane altitudes and I felt the strongest I have ever felt, which was unexpected and life changing.

Playlist go tos? 

“Show Me What I’m looking for” Carolina Liar

“Let’s Go” Neyo

“Runaway” Jon Bon Jovi

“Radioactive” Imagine Dragons

“Ramble On” Led Zeppelin

“Be Without You” Mary J. Blige

“Warehouse” Dave Matthews Band

Anything by Coldplay

Peloton is a unique concept. Can you tell us about it and how you think it will change the fitness landscape?  

Peloton is the first company to live stream group exercise classes to people’s home while allowing the group in the studio to know the person at home is with them…we are taking technology and using it in a powerful life changing way.  We have created an environment in which the people in the studio are affecting the lives of people outside of the studio.  People now have the ability to access some of the world’s most effective indoor cycling training from their own homes.  It’s empowering, freeing and inspiring.

What’s a typical workout week like for you?

I coach anywhere from four to seven rides a week. I then sneak into a couple of rides a week. I do SLT (my most favorite non indoor cycling workout), two times a week and paddle boarding – all year round – once or twice a week

Have you tried wearing VPL for your workouts?

I LOVE their sport bras.

What are your go-to workout shoes? Accessories? Gym bags? 

My Peloton cycling shoes or my grip socks (toe sox) for SLT. My Rangers hat during hockey season is also in there along with Bobby pins to pull my hair back when it’s not hockey season! I use an over the shoulder amazing gym bag that I designed and produced. It is called the M Bag.

Favorite healthy eatery in NYC?

The Juice Press

Favorite healthy snack?

Green juice.

Guilty pleasure?

Episodes of Mad Men and Parenthood.

Favorite pre and post workout snack?

Pre: banana

Post: green tea with honey…OMG

What a fitness myth that drives you crazy?

That your thighs will get bigger from spinning. 

If we looked in your fridge, what would we always find?

Almond milk, Raw Chocolate Love, and some weird science experiment by my daughter.

If we looked in your gym bag, what would we always find?

My iPod, white Beats, a pair of Toe Grip sox, a back-up work out outfit, a stack of unpaid bills from home, phone, iPod chargers, a ton of pens, and my notebook where I write down ideas, people’s names, songs I hear, etc...

How does maintaining a healthy lifestyle effect your everyday life in a positive way?

There is NO way I could do what I do if I were not living a healthy lifestyle.  My kids are seven and nine, I am in an amazing relationship and about to get married and, oh yeah, I work a lot, but living a healthy lifestyle, eating right, exercising, enjoying nature, enduring in my nightly cleansing rituals – all of it is essential to remaining balanced and feeling great.  

Inside Peloton's new East Hampton store

Peloton bike we all love!

Watch Marion bike in VPL:




Bari Founder Alexandra Bonetti Perez x VPL

By Sharon Feiereisen

Bari owner and founder Alexandra Bonetti Perez is one of the youngest entrepreneurs to find success in the cutthroat boutique fitness scene. In fact, when the first Bari studio opened in Tribeca back in 2011 Perez was just 25 years old. With a passion for wellness and a background that includes a finance degree from U. Penn however, Perez has since expanded Bari with new studios in Newport Beach, California, and Summit, New Jersey.

We spoke with the brains behind the cardio-sculpting working to find out more about her fitness regimen, her healthy favorites, and her guilty pleasures.


Best summer getaways?

Terrenas in the Dominican Republic, Amalfi Coast in Italy, and Gocek Bay in Turkey.


Best trip you ever had for your health and fitness and what did you do? Any picture you can share?

I’ve never been on a trip solely for fitness or health, but I do feel trips inspire us to get more fit and healthy. I love being outdoors, and no matter if I’m at the beach, on a mountain or in the city, I like being active, being outside and eating real, local food.

Playlist go tos?

I love following Bari’s Spotify because our trainers are constantly uploading new music and playlists and are always in the know of the latest hits or the classic tunes that should always stay in the mix.


Bari is a unique bands-Pilates-barre-cardio hybrid. How did you develop the method and what do you think makes it so effective?

After graduating from Wharton, I immediately started a job in financial and management consulting in the oil and gas industry. I travelled a lot for work - mostly internationally - and it was during this scattered, always-on-the-go period of my life that fitness became what grounded me.


While working in consulting, I found myself balancing a million different workouts in order to look and feel the way I wanted. I would go for a run one day, do a weights class another day, do pilates another day, try to hit the elliptical another day. The thing is, I didn’t look or feel the way I wanted. I wasn’t getting enough cardio or muscle sculpting because I couldn’t find a method that offered the right recipe, especially if I only had a limited amount of time each week to dedicate to my workouts. I decided to take my fitness plan and my body into my own hands and little by little started crafting what Bari’s method would become. That’s how our method became multidimensional - combining the right amount of cardio with purposeful muscle sculpting - to ensure a smart, strategic and uniquely effective workout every single time you step into the studio. You’ll never leave Bari feeling like we missed a part of your body; you’ll never leave Bari feeling like you need to do more.


What’s a typical workout week like for you?

I try to get to Bari three to four times per week. If I’m having a tough week schedule-wise and I can only sneak in 30 minutes I work myself out, one of the perks of knowing the Bari method inside out!


What are your go-to workout shoes? Accessories? Gym bags?

Right now I’m obsessed with Newtons. I wear different pairs to different Bari classes and they are incredible.


Favorite healthy eatery in NYC?

Butcher’s Daughter and Fat Radish.


Favorite healthy snack?

Avocado with limejuice and sea salt.


Favorite pre and post workout snack?

Before working out, I usually keep it simple and stick to a green juice or smoothie. Post workout, I love Luli Tonix’s Chia Life blend. It’s delicious, filling and incredible for rehydrating.


What’s a fitness myth that drives you crazy?

One of the main lessons we have learned at Bari is what you see is no reflection of how healthy a person is. And everyone’s definition of what healthy looks like is quite different. For us, in order to be healthy, your heart is pumping enough blood to your body at a rate that fits your age and your body is getting ready to work for the rest of your life. So our workout guarantees both health and beauty. We will get you to a place where your body can perform to the best of its ability and also to a place where your body will still be performing to the best of its ability, 10, 20 and 40 years from now.


If we looked in your fridge, what would we always find?

Avocado and olives.


If we looked in your gym bag, what would we always find?

My heart rate monitor and dry shampoo.

How does maintaining a healthy lifestyle affect your everyday life in a positive way?

It clears my mind and makes me more productive, happier and energetic.


Arden Wohl x VPL in Wall Street Journal

Arden Wohl, at the barre in a VPL dress, does a scissor kick with a ball for extra toning at Physique 57's downtown Manhattan studio. Brian Harkin for The Wall Street Journal

Arden Wohl, a New York shoe designer, has a résumé as eclectic as the stylish outfits in which she is constantly photographed. One constant in her life, besides her signature headbands, has been a willingness to try new exercise trends.

After studying filmmaking at New York University, Ms. Wohl made several short films and trained as a pastry chef. She has often appeared in the party pages of glossy society magazines. More recently, Ms. Wohl has been designing vegan shoes for provenance-conscious footwear label Cri de Coeur.

As a teenager, the 30-year-old did Pilates and played on her high school's tennis team. Two years ago, a friend introduced Ms. Wohl to Physique 57, which involves cardio, strength and stretching exercises carried out around a ballet barre. She was soon hooked on the 57-minute routine.

"I did Pilates forever but there was no cardio, whereas Physique 57 basically encompasses everything," she says.

When Ms. Wohl isn't at the barre, she heads to a yoga studio or takes long bicycle rides in the Long Island countryside, where she spends her summer weekends.

Her first shoe collection just hit stores across the country, including Blue & Cream and Anthropologie.

The Workout

Three to four times a week, Ms. Wohl heads to a Physique 57 studio in downtown Manhattan. Sessions begin with a warm-up with weights.

At the barre, she follows a rapid sequence of movements that range from squats with both hands on the barre, to leg lifts, scissors kicks and push-ups. To boost the exercises' toning effects, Ms. Wohl sometimes does them with a light ball, either between her legs, or in her hands.

"I like that Physique 57 is directed all over the body," she says. "There's no jumping or pressure on the body."

At home, Ms. Wohl sometimes follows a DVD of Physique 57 exercises using her kitchen counter as a barre.

She also does kundalini yoga, which emphasizes meditation and breathing exercises over the physicality of other forms of yoga. She usually goes to Golden Bridge yoga studio in lower Manhattan, though she occasionally has private sessions with a yoga instructor at home.

The Diet

Ms. Wohl has been vegetarian since her midteens.

In her bid to be eco-friendly, Ms. Wohl prefers eating seasonal food. This means avoiding some fresh fruits in winter, because they have to be imported from elsewhere. In the colder months, breakfast is oatmeal and lunch may be a soup with roasted vegetables.

For dinner, she often cooks eggplant with rosemary and olive oil, though indulgences like pizza sometimes get the better of her, she says.

The Gear & Cost

Ms. Wohl works out in dresses and leggings, which she says are staples of a wardrobe that prioritizes "comfort."

She has a monthly membership at Physique 57, which entitles her to attend as many classes as she wants for $375 a month. A kundalini yoga class at Golden Bridge costs $20, though that goes up to $120 for an at-home session.

The Playlist

When at a Physique 57 class, Ms. Wohl listens to whatever they have on: usually booming, fast-paced music. At home, she listens to a broader range of music—from the Beatles to '80s rock band Faith No More.

For bicycle rides in Long Island, Ms. Wohl prefers more mellow tunes like those by the pop duo Beach House.

from WSJ By March 10, 2014


Gear for the Earth-Conscious, Style-Conscious Exerciser



"The label offers everything from dresses to sportswear inspired by undergarment styles. "I can work out in VPL, change my leggings and go out for dinner," says Ms. Wohl, who likes to wear a VPL dress for Physique 57 sessions."

Alexandra Peres - Bari Studio

We had a pre Spring show work out / photo session with Alexandra Peres in VPL at her Bari Studio in Tribeca. Her workout combines laborious barre legwork with resistance-band training and boot-camp basics like push-ups and lunges. With passion for business and workout, Alexandra will be opening more studios across the country. Find out more from Bari Studio (23 Leonard St., New York, NY 11201  nr. Varick St.   See Map | Subway Directions  212-966-2274)

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